Vertical lines on my laptop screen?

Answer If you dropped it, then thats why, if you didnt then go to the site of the same brand as your laptop e.g. dell and see if they have drivers for your display, i would try to install it but only if y... Read More »

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How to Fix a Laptop Monitor Screen That Has One Inch Vertical Lines?

While some problems with your laptop's display may be caused by associated components such as the back-light, inverter, video card or connecting cables, there are others that are caused by the LCD ... Read More »

Laptop screen has vertical and horizontal lines, and moves up and down, does anybody know why?

The make, model and version of windows would have been helpful.~Try updating your video drivers. If that doesn't help, the GPU might be going bad or the monitor.

What do vertical lines appearing on my laptop screen mean 1 suddenly appeared near the middle, then another a?

Screen is on it's way out. It needs replacing. In some cases it is cheaper to buy a new laptop as they the most expensive part to replace. The best thing to do is take it into a workshop and see wh... Read More »

Your screen is black in the center with a white turqouise and blue vertical lines on the left and red yellow white purple and blue vertical lines on the right what is wrong?