Vertical Welding Techniques?

Answer Perfect conditions would allow a welder to weld every project in a flat position. However, imperfect conditions arise and welders need to adapt to those conditions. Field welding and welding on lar... Read More »

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How to Learn Different Welding Techniques?

The United States is home to approximately 13,000 companies involved in structural metals, earning revenues of around $90 billion per year, according to First Research, an industry profiling organ... Read More »

Flux-Cored Arc Welding Techniques?

Welding with flux-cored wire is different than MIG welding because there is no gas used in the process. Instead, there is a protective flux in the middle of the metal wire. When the wire is burned,... Read More »

Flux Core Welding Techniques?

Flux-cored wire is held on a wire spool and used with a Metal Inert Gas welder. The same welding procedures are used for both solid wire and flux-cored wire. Flux-cored wire does not rely on a shie... Read More »

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