Vertebral compression fractures?

Answer This question would be best addressed with your doctor.I would think if you "do nothing" the degeneration of the vertebrae would be less.

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Vertebral compression fracture/loss of height/wedge fractures?

Well for starters: Spondylosis, Kyphosis, and Scolerosis won't effect your ability to do things. I have a hard time believing you have all of those conditions as several of them are contraindictory... Read More »

Compression fractures...and loss of height in vertebrae?

It might be so compressed together that it's hard to decipher one from another, and a closer look needs to be taken. Now as for your second question, picture an accordion. When you push it together... Read More »

How many lumbars does the vertebral column contain?

The spine contains five lumbar vertebrae. They are referred to as L1, L2, L3, L4, and L5, and are the largest segments of the movable part of the spine. They also hold most of the body's weight.Ref... Read More »

Columns of the Vertebral Arch?

In anatomy, the vertebral (or neural) arch is a circle of bone that runs along the posterior side of the vertrebral column. The vertebral arch is not composed of columns though it is a part of the ... Read More »