Verse Memorization Games?

Answer Memorizing Bible passages or verses is a favorite activity among parents and children in families of many different Christian churches. Help your children view verse memorization not as a burden bu... Read More »

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Memorization Games for Kids?

Goldfish are reputed to have poor memories. In fact they are supposed have a memory span of only three seconds. For humans, having a good memory is an advantage in day-to-day life. Kids can improve... Read More »

How to Have Fun With Memorization?

Some people just can't stand memorizing those formulas. It can be a dreadfully boring experience. This article will show how to memorize, while having fun.

What is rote memorization?

Educators use rote memorization as a technique to teach students large quantities of information such as letter names, letter sounds, sight words, addition facts, subtraction facts, multiplication ... Read More »

Methods to Help Memorization?

The ability to memorize information over periods of time has been studied since antiquity. From ancient Greek methods of oratory to contemporary neuroscientific findings in brain biology, there are... Read More »