Verizon internet outage.?

Answer Have you call Verizon about it

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I swtiched from Verizon internet to Comcast internet?

To transfer your contacts, you could do it manually by clicking on "new" email, choosing to send it to all of your contacts, copying all of the email addresses in the "To:" line, pasting them to th... Read More »

What is verizon fios internet?

Verizon FiOS Internet is an Internet service offered in various areas throughout the United States. Verizon offers three different leveled packages, with varying speeds and multiple features.Descri... Read More »

How much does internet cost on a Verizon phone?

$50 for 1GB of data$60 for 2GB of data$70 for 4GB of data$80 for 6GB of data$90 for 8GB of data

How do I cancel Verizon Internet service?

Call Verizon's customer service department to terminate your Internet service. Customer service can be reached by phone at 800-837-4966 (as of May 2010). Provide the representative with your accoun... Read More »