Verizon FIOS or Cablevision?

Answer had both cablevision is cheaper and customer service is betterfios is plain out faster and the only reason i have fios 25 down/25 up. also no outages of service

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Optimum cablevision vs Fios?

Okay, First let me start out by giving you the difference of Satellite vs. Cable. Verizon has 2 forms of TV Providers. 1. Direct TV (Satellite) the 2nd is Verizon FiOS Which is the Fiber optics Cab... Read More »

Verizon FiOS?

My city (research triangle) just got all re-wired for VoIS from Verizon, so I'm really all excited to finally get the best and fasted!!

What are the RCA tv codes for Verizon fios?

RCA 0074, 0117, 0205, 0706, 1074, 1174, 1274, 1374, 1474, 1574, 3000, 3003, 3004, 3005, 3034, 3045, 3083, 3088, 3119, 3124, 3181, 3184, 3190, 3200, 3201, 3211, 3213

Verizon Fios vs. Cox cable?

No one can guarantee prices will stay the same forever. Verizon's triple play prices range from $99-$109/mo from what I know. This includes phone/internet/TV. You get the ExtremeHD TV package with ... Read More »