Verizon FIOS or Cablevision?

Answer had both cablevision is cheaper and customer service is betterfios is plain out faster and the only reason i have fios 25 down/25 up. also no outages of service

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Optimum cablevision vs Fios?

Okay, First let me start out by giving you the difference of Satellite vs. Cable. Verizon has 2 forms of TV Providers. 1. Direct TV (Satellite) the 2nd is Verizon FiOS Which is the Fiber optics Cab... Read More »

Verizon FiOS?

My city (research triangle) just got all re-wired for VoIS from Verizon, so I'm really all excited to finally get the best and fasted!!

Information on Verizon Fios?

FiOS is a suite of services offered by telecommunications company Verizon. It includes broadband Internet access, cable television service and a telephone plan. The services can be ordered as a bun... Read More »

Verizon Fios vs. Cox cable?

No one can guarantee prices will stay the same forever. Verizon's triple play prices range from $99-$109/mo from what I know. This includes phone/internet/TV. You get the ExtremeHD TV package with ... Read More »