Verify account via mobile phone?

Answer usually only people who break the rules by creating more than one account have this problem, so just go back to using your other account

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How to verify facebook without a mobile phone?

Sorry Leah, I don't have an answer. I just wanted to say that Joe is wrong and that the same thing happened to me!! The second I log in it says 'Confirm Your Identity' and I can't get past it. Like... Read More »

Any-one can Verify Twitter account or only well known people/celebrities can verify?

Right now they're only verifying a handful of accounts, including well known accounts at risk of repeated, proven impersonation, and government agencies. they're only able to verify a small number ... Read More »

How do you send an Instant message to an AOL account using a mobile phone?

If its a smartphone there is usually an app for that. If its not, there should be a setting inside the phone and if not then your friend should instant message you first on aim with your number ent... Read More »

I just opene my t mobile account 2 months ago can I renew my contract to get a new phone?

Oh yeah no problem, in fact if you ask real nice they might just give you a new phone. Just offer to buy the manager a six pack or something