Verbal and Linguistic Learning Styles?

Answer Human interest in how we learn surfaced during the Golden Age of Greece, with Plato and Aristotle's famous disagreement on the origin of knowledge. Some educators agree with Plato's idea that stude... Read More »

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Linguistic Approaches to Foreign Language Learning?

Learning a foreign language can be difficult. Several techniques have been developed to speed up the process. Linguistic approaches tend to de-emphasize grammar. Instead, they tend to rely on expos... Read More »

What is a verbal learning style?

The year 1983 marked a turning point in pedagogical philosophy. Howard Gardner, a Harvard professor, introduced the concept of multiple intelligences in the book "Frames of Mind: The Theory of Mult... Read More »

Verbal Learning Disorders?

According to TeensHealth, learning disabilities adversely affect an individual's capacity to receive, process and recall information. There are two main types of learning disabilities: verbal and ... Read More »

German Verbal and Nonverbal Communication Styles?

With approximately 121 million speakers, mainly in the European countries of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, German is one of the world's major languages. As it belongs to the same fa... Read More »