Venus Fly Trap Diet?

Answer The Venus flytrap, known scientifically as Dionaea muscipula, is rare in its natural habitats. According to the North Carolina Department of Environmental and Natural Resources, fewer than 150,000 ... Read More »

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How big can the Venus fly trap get?

The maximum size of a Venus fly trap is about 5 inches in diameter, according to the International Carnivorous Plant Society. The leaf traps typically grow to a maximum of 1 inch in length, but par... Read More »

What is a venus fly trap?

In the plant world, few species are as interesting as the venus fly trap or Dionaea muscipula, a plant that traps and digests small insects as a source of nutrients.IdentificationThe flowers of the... Read More »

What does a Venus fly trap eat?

The Venus fly trap is a rare carnivorous plant in that it eats small insects that travel near it, trapping them between its leaves and digesting them with secretions. The plant is still capable of ... Read More »

Scientific name of venus fly trap?