Vending Machine Requirements?

Answer Consumers rely on vending machines to provide them with a variety of products, from food and drink items to electronics, toys and skin care products. All vending machines have requirements concern... Read More »

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How to Buy From a Vending Machine?

Vending machines are a convenient resource for grabbing a quick snack, sandwich or beverage. New innovations in vending allow consumers to even get items like clothing, calling cards and beauty pro... Read More »

When was the first vending machine invented?

The first vending machine was invented around 215 BC by a Greek engineer named Hero. The machines were placed in Egyptian Temples in Alexandria, Egypt to dispense holy water in exchange for Bronze ... Read More »

Could this work on a vending machine?

No it wouldn't work. When you insert the coin it's held in a mechanism until the transaction is finished(when you select your product). When you hit the coin return button the mechanism releases an... Read More »

Vending Machine Components?

Vending machines have been in existence in some form or another since 215 B.C. when a device was invented that accepted bronze coins in exchange for holy water in Egypt, according to C... Read More »