Vehicle Transmission Problems?

Answer Automobile transmissions are complicated systems made up of several components that work together. Problems are most likely to develop when one or more of these components are working out of sync w... Read More »

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How to Drive a Manual Transmission Vehicle?

Automakers are coming out with more and more cars that feature advanced gearboxes that are shifted with steering-wheel mounted paddles or buttons instead of the conventional clutch pedal and shift ... Read More »

Which vehicle came with a Liberty transmission?

The Jeep Liberty used a Liberty transmission. The Jeep Liberty is a compact sports utility vehicle first produced by the Chrysler Group in 2002. The automaker introduced the Liberty as a replacemen... Read More »

How to Check for a Transmission Fluid Leak in Your Vehicle?

Transmission fluid lubricates the moving components inside your transmission. In an automatic transmission, this pressurized fluid acts as a coolant and transfers power from the engine to the trans... Read More »

Vehicle Alignment Problems?

A wheel alignment refers to all of the angular relationships between the front suspension, steering components, wheels and frame of the vehicle. When a vehicle is out of alignment, problems with di... Read More »