Vehicle Diagnosis Programs for a Laptop Computer?

Answer If you want to work on a vehicle made after 1996, you'ss need more than a long Saturday afternoon and a socket set. Vehicles are getting more complex; problems with newer vehicles are more difficul... Read More »

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When is the diagnosis of cystic hygroma possible I had an ultrasound done at 8w5d and they said there is increased fluid around the baby's neck but did not give a diagnosis.?

How many states have vehicle safety inspection programs?

The number of states that require vehicle safety inspections in the United States changes periodically as state laws change. The number generally fluctuates between 18 and 25 states, however, with ... Read More »

How do I transfer programs from laptop to laptop?

Look for any user files associated with the program. For example, Word documents are associated with Microsoft Word. Copy these files to a CD or flash drive. Look for any files that have saved info... Read More »

Laptop transportation in a vehicle?

well, the platters inside the hard drive should be ok to take some shock, as long as there off. if you have the laptop on while your driving, then yes you can damage the hdd by repeated shaking. ... Read More »