Veg*ns: Would you consider taking part in Direct Action?

Answer Because the government are "in bed" with the pharmaceutical companies and other governments, no amount of peaceful protests will have an impact, although these are good for giving out information a... Read More »

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What Is Direct Action?

Direct action is a political activism tactic that applies direct pressure on decision-makers for the purpose of affecting social change. Examples of direct action tactics include sit-ins, boycotts,... Read More »

How to Take Part in a Class Action Lawsuit?

Learn how to take part in a class action lawsuit in order to join others with similar complaints or grievances. Individuals often have complaints or grievances, but they lack the knowledge or funds... Read More »

What are the common barriers to taking action at the scene of an emergency?

You should always have a copy of Basic First Aid somewhere just in case. The Good Samaritan Law protects unlicensed/non-professional personnel from being sued. As long as you try to save the person... Read More »

Got Nikon D40X - What are the best settings for taking action shots far away w/a 18-55 lens?

Well for shooting action shots far away, you need at least a 200 mm lens ... so look into buying the AF-S 55-200 mm VR lens at your earliest convenience. If you are shooting on the sidelines the 1... Read More »