Vegitarians or vegans: do you ever crave meat or regret you decision?

Answer I have craved it, but I've never regretted my decision to be a vegetarian.Usually it's the flavor of the toppings or seasonings that I crave, not the meat itself.

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Vegetarians/Vegans: Would you ever date a meat-eater?

I'm married to one!He tried to go veg but just didn't have enough motivation I guess....maybe one day =(We eat vegetarian meals at home. If he wants to cook meat to add to his meal he can, but he ... Read More »

Can I apologize to the vegans and vegitarians?

Sorry you had a harsh experience over an accidental posting. Apology accepted. Now... since you're already over on the Dark Side, when can we expect to see good vegan recipe questions from you? ... Read More »

Are there more fat vegans/vegitarians or omni/carnivores?

Does it matter? The better way to setle it is who is healtheir, you or your brother?I would say omnivores. With about 5.5 billion omnivores wolrdwide (as compared to about 500million vegetarians/ve... Read More »

Why dont vegitarians eat meat?

various reasons. Health, religious, morality, etc.