Veggies..........Why do most vegetarians?

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Why do most vegetarians eat fish?

Real vegetarians don't eat fish.I'm vegetarian and I think it's annoying when people eat fish and claim to be vegetarian. The whole point of vegetarianism is to not eat animals. I wish they wouldn'... Read More »

Vegetarians/vegans, what do you miss the most?

I don't miss anything on a day to day basis, I can cook a vegan version of just about anything from vegan sushi to vegan fajitas. The only time I really miss something is when we go out to a restau... Read More »

Why do some vegetarians, and most vegans look pale?

What a cliche!!!Ok all vegans are skinny and pale are they?? So how come I'm fat and have a ruddy outdoors complexion??Hmmm.I have seen many more pale, sickly looking people sat in the window of Mc... Read More »

What are the most energitic foods & drinks for vegetarians?

You're' not ok with cooking. Well that is unpleasantly offensive. And you don't' seem open to having a talk about it either. I would like to have a long involved talk with you about it but that see... Read More »