Vegetarians/vegans, what do you miss the most?

Answer I don't miss anything on a day to day basis, I can cook a vegan version of just about anything from vegan sushi to vegan fajitas. The only time I really miss something is when we go out to a restau... Read More »

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What Do You Miss The Most........?

My Mind No just staying in bed Thomas only sleeps 2 hours a night so its such a long day .....oh yeah and clubbing i used to love bopping around my handbag to Abba on a Saturday Night

What cancelled tv show do you miss the most?

I have a few...Sex in the City (not cancelled, just ended)In JusticeWindfall

What do you miss the most from becoming a vegetarian?

What electronic device or gadget would you miss the most?

jj - lookin HOT!!!!!My blow up doll is a gadget right? Well just in case that isn't consider an "acceptable" answer I will have to say my Direct TV & the internet..if I had no more Direct TV (the b... Read More »