Vegetarians/Vegans - Have you been over to the Religion & Spirituality section?

Answer its where i spend my time here, so yeahits what it is you either like it or you donty/a and all places and sites like this will have trolls, lots of themthats what people doAdditionaljessica, if yo... Read More »

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How long have you been in the Baby Names section?

I've been in this section since I joined in July of last year. What can I say, I'm just addicted to baby names. (:Oh, and I've been meaning to ask you: Has your screen name thing always been *Abbie... Read More »

I have been observing the parenting section for a while now?

Um, thanks. But to be honest this question will draw a lot of unnecessary fire on yourself. I appreciate what you are trying to do though.But to answer your question, I do not feel ashamed of the... Read More »

Will You Never Be Able to Receive a Section 8 Housing Voucher if You Have Been Terminated?

Section 8 offers housing assistance to low-income families who cannot afford housing on their own. Under this program, the local housing authority pays a portion of the tenant's rent and the tenant... Read More »

How long have you been in the adoption section and what is the most important thing you learned?

Been here on and off about 6 months. I've learned alot of adoptees are unhappy about their adoption and that sometimes adoption is corrupt. I haven't learned many positives about adoption at all i... Read More »