Vegetarians who won't cook someone a meal with meat?

Answer true

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If you were a vegetarian and had non-vegetarians over for dinner, would you cook meat?

I cook meat for my family, even though I am vegetarian. Although I think it's wrong to eat meat, I think it's wrong to impose your views on other people.So, yes, I would cook meat for my friends if... Read More »

Would you date someone who ate meat (vegetarians/vegans only)?

I'm a vegetarian with a meat loving hubby. There's never been any issue or bad feelings with it. I respect that he likes meat, and he respects that I don't. :) As with any differences people ... Read More »

How do vegetarians survive with out meat?

I have survived 25 years without meat by eating an healthy vegetarian diet. We dont need meat to be healthy, it is much healthier to eat plant-based foods.

Vegetarians..what is wrong with eating meat..?