Vegetarians only: What age did you turn veggie?

Answer Around age 3 or 4

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Why do non-vegetarians always eat veggie burgers at a bbq?

Because they think its healthier or they want to try it out.

Vegetarians, how do you become vegetarian when hot dogs taste so delicious in 08 I planned to go veggie too?

I agree. What man can resist a high fat emulsified offal tube in a bun?Not to mention steam recovered eye balls and testicles in amusing bread crumbed animal shapes?You veggies don't know you're a... Read More »

Vegetarians! If your current partner forced you to choose between them and your veggie diet, which'd you pick?

No one who loves me would give me that kind of ultimatum. If that's the choice they gave me, they can pack their bags and let the doorknob hit them in the butt on the way out.

Why do SOME vegetarians moan if I don't provide veggie food and yet they never provide meat for me?

looks like u got quite a debate going on here...but i feel that many people who eat meat think like this.the simple reason being,meat eater can have vegetarian food too,but vegetarian cant have mea... Read More »