Vegetarians only?

Answer Cause' it makes all the wittle animals happy :)Oh, and because I feel about 100x better health wise. Veggie for lyyyyyyyfe!

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Question for vegetarians only?

No, consuming animal by-products is still contributing to companies who kill and oppress animals even if they aren't killed straight away. Animals on dairy farms have to live a lot longer through t... Read More »

This Question is only for vegetarians...?

Maybe, but I'd never make meat dishes for him. Also, I wouldn't buy leather, animal-tested products, and go to the circus with him.

VEGETARIANS ONLY: Religion and vegetarianism?

AtheistI'm not sure there's any connection between my vegetarianism and my atheism.I'm an atheist, well, for the obvious reasons. I don't believe in any god/goddess/higher power etc etc. I have rea... Read More »

Vegetarians only: What age did you turn veggie?