Vegetarians, if you were...?

Answer I'm not vegetarian but have an understanding and respect for your decisions. However, this is nuts. Choosing death over eating meat is a bit over the edge for me. Would you also make your kid d... Read More »

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Vegetarians & Vegans: How old were u when u started becoming one?

To all vegetarians or vegans,how old were you when you decided to be a vegetarian/vegan and why?

When I was 17, I took an AP Environmental Science course at my high school and learned how eating meat affected the environment as much as pollution or wasting energy did. I thought that it would b... Read More »

If you were a vegetarian and had non-vegetarians over for dinner, would you cook meat?

I cook meat for my family, even though I am vegetarian. Although I think it's wrong to eat meat, I think it's wrong to impose your views on other people.So, yes, I would cook meat for my friends if... Read More »

Vegetarians and vegans: Would you work in a steak house if you were desperate for a job?

No, but I won't fault one that does. Use of animals is a part of our society and it will take time to change that problem. In the meantime, we can't be hypocrites if we use over the counter medicin... Read More »