Vegetarians, how do you become vegetarian when hot dogs taste so delicious?

Answer Hotdogs are made from mecanically recovered meat. Doesn't sound so appetizing to me! Anyway I never liked hotdogs, even as an omni.

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Vegetarians, how do you become vegetarian when hot dogs taste so delicious in 08 I planned to go veggie too?

I agree. What man can resist a high fat emulsified offal tube in a bun?Not to mention steam recovered eye balls and testicles in amusing bread crumbed animal shapes?You veggies don't know you're a... Read More »

Vegetarians What made u become a Vegetarian Not a bashing question.?

A number of factors. I am very interested in ethics and social and political philosophy. My studies and my readings really brought home the moral arguments and i wasn't able to find an even remotel... Read More »

If we are meant to be vegetarians then why does meat smell so delicious when being cooked?

I think a lot of it, at least for me, is sentimental. You should also remember that a lot of the good smell is the spices, not the meat itself. If we were really biologically inclined to eat a lo... Read More »

Is not liking the taste of meat a decent reason to become a vegetarian?

If you want to become a vegetarian, please educate yourself on nutrition.