Vegetarians-do you still consider yourself vegetarian if you have eaten a bug?

Answer Good question.

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Since cows are vegetarians, can not human vegetarians safely eat beef and still be considered a vegetarian?

Yes, but you have to fry the cow in vegetable oil first.

Vegetarians,what do you consider a rich vegetarian meal,enough to not be hungry until dinner?

eat your vegetables with rice, pasta, bulghar wheat, quinoa or couscous.

Vegetarians, how do you not consider yourself at odds with everything good and decent in the human spirit?

And anyone should care what Anthony Bourdain thinks because...I actually feel a bit of pity for someone like him. He is so wrapped up in food and cooking and taste, that he seems to lose touch (a b... Read More »

Am I consider a vegetarian if I still eat cheese?

Vegetarians eat cheese but vegan people do not.=)If you want to become a lacto-ovo vegetarian, the transition should be quite simple. Almost all meats have widely available commercial replacements.... Read More »