Vegetarians do eat chicken don't they?

Answer No, dear.Vegetarians do not eat animal flesh. Chickens are animals, so therefore chicken is not something a vegetarian would eat. I'll go ahead & tell you now that the same thing applies to fish, s... Read More »

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If vegetarians dont like meat?

Mainly for protein intake. But isn't itso great when you get a nice juicy steak off the grill and throw it onto a plate?

Can vegetarians eat chicken?

NO. Last time I checked chickens were considered Poultry, not Vegetables.

Why dont vegetarians have a problem with feeding their pets meat?

I'm vegetarian (and used to be a vegan), but I feed my cat meat because he is a carnivore and it would be cruel and unhealthy to deny him his natural diet. I also give him fresh organic chicken & o... Read More »

Why do some vegetarians eat fish and chicken?