Vegetarians and vegans, do you feed meat to your pets?

Answer yes. to refuse it based on grounds of cruelty is cruelty to your pet in itself.don't feel guilty. it's your pet's diet, not yours.

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How can we as vegetarians/vegans get meat eaters to stop eating meat?

"Will get cancer and die"Well, Christy, In my family, we have never had a vegetarian. They died at a normal age, no sign of cancer. My parents are still actually healthy really. So how many people ... Read More »

What do vegetarians feed their pets?

Michael and luke are ignorant. Therefore ignore them.I feed my pets an environmentally friendly meat based food (dogs and cats) the other animals are naturally vegetarian so there is no issue ther... Read More »

Are there vegetarians/vegans with cats or dogs as pets do they know that cat food contains dead animals?

Oh no! I had absolutely no idea! OMG! What am I going to do? I'm mortified!My eyesight isn't that great ... I thought the cans said "beet and gravy", "chickweed, rice and vegies", "5 kinds of wheat... Read More »

Why are vegetarians/vegans too scared to eat meat?

"Scared" doesn't have anything to do with it. They made a choice to not eat meat.