Vegetarians and vegans - would you sit on a leather sofa at a friend's house?

Answer I would sit on it but inside I'd be hating it and, although I'd try to, it would be hard to think of other things while sitting on it. I wouldn't refuse to sit on it because I wouldn't want to make... Read More »

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Vegetarians and vegans: Would you work in a steak house if you were desperate for a job?

No, but I won't fault one that does. Use of animals is a part of our society and it will take time to change that problem. In the meantime, we can't be hypocrites if we use over the counter medicin... Read More »

How many vegetarians/vegans to do you know who own leather shoes and or clothing?

I only wear human skin boots and have several human hair hats

Friends, Vegans, vegetarians; Lend me your ears!?

Beans.Black bean burgers are amazing, and you can make them homemade:…or buy the morningstar ones, but they can get pricey, and homemade is cheap, and you ... Read More »

Vegans and vegetarians.....would you eat meat or dairy if...?

probably. right like you said. i'd definitely use that money for good things for animals.probably donate a lot to local animal shelters, some to the wwf. some for my own puppies.i want to own a far... Read More »