Vegetarians: Would this be a good theme song?

Answer It's perfect! :DBut, Hawkeye, I thought you eat fish and chicken...Did you give up the fish and chicken then? :oEdit: Now, I've had a chance to ponder the song more, I think It'd be more perfect if... Read More »

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If you had a theme song what would it be why?

I would have Shannon Moores music because i like the song (I'll do anything) I would have who i am hates who I've been by reliant k because i think this song relates to every one- we've all been so... Read More »

What would your theme song be?

Welcome to the Jungle - GNR.. To be honest.. sometimes a trip inside my mind via a conversation can be exactly that: like wandering into a jungle.edit: You're a wise man, rckets. A wise man.

What would your home's theme song be and why?

“We Gotta Get Out of This Place” by The AnimalsThe taps drip, the fridge needs defrosting every three weeks or it doesn’t work, the doors don’t close, we can only run power from half the ou... Read More »

If today had a theme song -what would yours be?

I'm in the most boring play ever and I didn't know that when I tried out. It's a musical to make matters worse, and it's totally boring beyond belief. So today's song is:Take Me AwayBy Avril Lavigne