Vegetarians: Would this be a good theme song?

Answer It's perfect! :DBut, Hawkeye, I thought you eat fish and chicken...Did you give up the fish and chicken then? :oEdit: Now, I've had a chance to ponder the song more, I think It'd be more perfect if... Read More »

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Does anyone know of good recorder sheet music for the Doctor Who theme song?

I very much doubt there would be any recorder-specific versions available, but you should be able to play the main melody line off of any sheet music book version anyway. But, if you use an alto re... Read More »

What song by the Who is the theme song of the Vegas edition of CSI Crime Scene Investigation?

Was the song I'd really love to see you tonight the theme song for a television show?

what t.v. show is the song i'd really love to see you tonight on?

Vegans and vegetarians, do you feel guilty when you see meat, chicken, or fish that looks good or smells good?

Going in steps is good, but go with what your body tells you. Here's what I did: First I took out red meat around Oct/Nov of last year. However, I had one slip up where I was extremely hungry, a... Read More »