Vegetarians. What good meals did you eat or make for Thanksgiving yesterday?

Answer Haha aww, thanks Scooter. Love your Santa hat, by the way!I enjoyed myself to some corn pudding, stuffing, cranberry sauce, green beans, sweet potatoes, squash soup, and last but not least...pear &... Read More »

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Vegetarians/Vegans. Since many don't eat Turkey on Thanksgiving what Meals/dishes do you eat/make on that day?

I'd say our Thanksgiving dinners at my house are pretty much the foods you'd normally eat on that day.... but considering my mother is a vegan, who does most of the preparing and cooking in the hou... Read More »

Vegetarians. What good meals will you be cooking or eating on Christmas?

Whatever doesn't have meat/dairy/eggs. Eatin' at a friend's house so I'll be happy with whatever is served 'cause, after all, Christmas is about being with your loved ones--Not the food.Have a goo... Read More »

Do you non-vegetarians ever eat vegetarian meals?

I don't count since I went over to the other side (originally for political reasons) but before I did I would often order meals without meat. In many places (especially those such as Taco Bell) the... Read More »

What do vegetarians eat at Thanksgiving?

Well, I'm not a vegetarian but some of my friends are. Assuming you are not "vegan" are some safe bets:-Mashed potatoes-Stuffing-French green beans w/ toasted almonds-Roasted root vegetables... Read More »