Vegetarians, Vegans and Meat Eaters?

Answer Plants are alive. They don't have the capability to run, to defend themselves or to make sounds. But you know if I hang a plant in a dimly lit room, it will grow toward the light. Why? Because it n... Read More »

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How can we as vegetarians/vegans get meat eaters to stop eating meat?

"Will get cancer and die"Well, Christy, In my family, we have never had a vegetarian. They died at a normal age, no sign of cancer. My parents are still actually healthy really. So how many people ... Read More »

What do you think why meat eaters do not like vegans and vegetarians?

Well, because when they see a vegetarian or a vegan, their conscience hurts them... they have some kind of remorse, because they see they're doing wrong eating meat. That's the real reason. It's ju... Read More »

Why do some meat eaters even care if we're vegetarians or vegans?

Ugh... I know...People have this image of vegetarians… they rely on a few stereotypes to judge us all.It really gets annoying sometimes...I agree with you completely! I have NEVER bothered a meat... Read More »

Meat eaters who try to push their views on vegetarians/ vegans?

Everyone's entitled to their own opinion but whatever it is, it should not be forced on others.