Vegetarians: Don't you hate this?

Answer I know. Non-vegetarians think that all we eat are vegetables. They are so uninformed.

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Hate against vegetarians?

Hyman Roth! He's alive, guys! Hyman Roth is alive!

Why do vegetarians hate meat eaters so much?

i personally dont. sorry you had to encounter people like that. my family and boyfriend eat meat, A LOT, but i respect that and dont try to influence my ways on them.its a choice, and people should... Read More »

Why Do People Hate Vegans/Vegetarians?

Because, no matter what you say, a vegan diet alone does not provide you with vitamin B12, an essential nutrient. The fact that you and your kind get off to the smell of your own pungent, legume-sc... Read More »

If vegetarians dont like meat?

Mainly for protein intake. But isn't itso great when you get a nice juicy steak off the grill and throw it onto a plate?