Vegetarians - would you eat meat if?

Answer I am so far past the point of ever eating meat again, the answer would be no. Unless it were life and death, I just don't have the desire. Plus it would probably make me really sick because I have ... Read More »

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Vegans and vegetarians.....would you eat meat or dairy if...?

probably. right like you said. i'd definitely use that money for good things for animals.probably donate a lot to local animal shelters, some to the wwf. some for my own puppies.i want to own a far... Read More »

Vegetarians:Would you let your Son/Daughter eat meat?

I'am always asked this question and I am also told I force my daughter to be vegan. Well let me answer this now for you, Yes and No.Yes, when she is old enough to make her own informed decisions ab... Read More »

Vegans/Vegetarians: would you work around meat?

What a luxury it must be to be able to pick and choose where you work. Most people don't have this luxury. I am a vegan but there have been times in the past few years when I would willingly have t... Read More »

Vegetarians/Vegans: Would you ever date a meat-eater?

I'm married to one!He tried to go veg but just didn't have enough motivation I guess....maybe one day =(We eat vegetarian meals at home. If he wants to cook meat to add to his meal he can, but he ... Read More »