Vegetarianism and veganism - who's it actually helping?

Answer It is only helping PETA, ALF and such extremist groups who have spread many lies about the subject. Someone has the audacity to claim PETA is a non-profit group, when it collected $30,000,000 from ... Read More »

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Vegetarianism/Veganism and Children?

1) Somewhere around age 18 or 19, but I stopped being a vegetarian 2.75 years later, and don't regret my decision. Meat seems to really help me as a bodybuilder/weight-lifter.2) If my daughter is o... Read More »

Why does Veganism/Vegetarianism make me feel guilty?

It sounds like you're feeling guilty because your sister is making you feel guilty. Don't listen to her. Do what you feel is right. After all, it's your body, not your sister's.

What do donors to Wikipedia think their money is helping pay for What does it actually pay?

When examining the Wikimedia Foundation ("WMF") Annual Plan for the current fiscal year (2010-2011), I found this spending breakdown:Salaries and wages:$ 8,972,000 (44%)Internet hosting: $ 1... Read More »

Why do people call other people noobs, instead of actually HELPING the person learn?

I think it is a state of mind. Often in the world people just cant seperate real life from fantasy/web. Kids often use it because its supposed to be cool to be rude and nasty. My kids dont ... Read More »