Answer Because most people are ignorant. They have been fed misinformation by their families, friends, the media (look at the number of meat ads on commercials), and even some doctors. Meat-eating has, wr... Read More »

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A vegetarian diet is quite healthy if done properly. The key is variety, knowledge and willingness to learn. There are many good websites and books that will give you the essential information to b... Read More »

Debating vegetarianism?

I could be wrong, but to me starting a debate would turn me off.Asking her the reasons she is vegetarian and particulars of her diet might be a good ice breaker though. That way you don't have to k... Read More »

Vegetarianism! Are You For Or Against It?

That is so clever.For or Against VegetarianismFor or Against eating meatAnyone else seen the possibility of answering FOR and meaning the opposite?I don't eat my friends.

Is vegetarianism the future of humanity?

I totally agree that vegetarianism could keep our world from starving. But I don't think it will happen anytime soon. People just aren't going to give up the steak, burgers, chops and other thing... Read More »