Vegetarian packed school lunch ideas?

Answer Rice balls with sesame and brown sugar = a form of sticky rice. lovely.lentil and carrot cakes with shredded cheese- make lentils and add cooked carrots almonds, soy sauce, spices and diced onion a... Read More »

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Vegetarian packed lunch ideas?

Wow!! I am also a 14 year old girl vegetarian who brings packed lunches, and doesn't eat fish, and doesn't like sandwiches that much *high five*!! Talk about a small world!! :DI usually bring stuff... Read More »

Vegetarian School Lunch Ideas?

Make some sandwiches, like lettice, egg, cucumber, tomatoes etcDune

Packed Lunch Ideas?

Eating out is expensive, so packing your own lunch for work or for the kids for school is a good way to save money, but you may not have the time to carefully prepare a gourmet lunch, and you can q... Read More »

Packed Lunch Ideas for Adults?

When you work away from home, it can be frustrating to decide what to do for lunch. Gone are the days of meal plans and the lunches your parents packed. Now it is up to you to be responsible enoug... Read More »