Vegetarian kids....Is it wrong to force them?

Answer I think if kids knew what the *meat* on their plate actually was before they were used to eating it, they would not want to eat it in the first place.If there is something that is wrong, I would th... Read More »

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Does any one but me think that it is wrong to be a vegetarian?

Yes, exactly. Okay, I understand that if you had to kill the animal then it, you won't eat it. But, if the animal is already dead, I see no point in not eating it. It's already dead.

Is it wrong for me to be a vegetarian?

Of course it is not wrong. :)I take it you and your friends are pretty young. I've found as I get older, people are more interested in the differences of others and actually want to know about m... Read More »

Why do people think that being vegetarian is wrong!?

I'm a meat-eater but I don't jump right in with a "you're missing out" comment without some form of "why do you eat meat if you love animals" comment first. Both sides of this have these comments m... Read More »

Do You Think Its Wrong For A Vegetarian To Hunt?

It's totally wrong for vegetarian to hunt and to fish.If you are not using these anymore so why you take sin on your head??????