Vegetarian foods survey?

Answer 1. Beef! (It's no longer "what's for dinner"...the cow jumped over our moon and I'm not sure where he landed, so NO.)2. Fish & Seafood! (They have eyes. So, NO.)3. Fruit & Veg! ( long as the... Read More »

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Survey #68(to the Vegetarian and Vegans)?

1.What made you become a Vegetarian or a Vegan?- born in to a family that are vegetarians2.How long have you been one?- my whole life3.What do you think of meat eaters?- i don't mind if there not v... Read More »

Little vegetarian/vegan survey :) :)?

male15vegan2 yearsits disguising what they do to meat! join peta mcdonalds does disguisting stuff

Vegetarian survey CONTINUED?

vegetarian, and i think it's a great idea. it's hard going out to eat sometimes when you are really hungry and all you can eat is a stupid salad. good luck. more power to you.

A vegan/vegetarian survey?

a childa doga monkeya chickena spidermy next door neighboura computerised robota tomato planta rockbacterialol =) well thats was i think my neighbours arnt very nice so their pretty lucky to even g... Read More »