Vegetarian Meals for Christmas?

Answer With increased awareness of the health benefits of a vegetarian diet, and the detrimental effects of a red meat diet laced with hormones and antibiotics, many people are choosing to give up meat. T... Read More »

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How to Request Vegetarian Meals?

When requesting a vegetarian meal it is important to be specific. Often, people don't understand what a vegetarian eats or, more importantly, does not eat. Lacto-ovo vegetarians eat dairy and eggs ... Read More »

Do you non-vegetarians ever eat vegetarian meals?

I don't count since I went over to the other side (originally for political reasons) but before I did I would often order meals without meat. In many places (especially those such as Taco Bell) the... Read More »

Healthy vegetarian meals for school?

Make a sack of sandwiches with interesting fillings.Make tomato and cucumber sandwich, or/and a lettuce and vegemite, as well as some fruit and yoghurt.Dune