Vegetarian Antipasto Ideas?

Answer Antipasto traditionally is served as an appetizer during an Italian meal. The name comes from the Italian word "anti," which means before, and "pasto," which means food. More than just a first cour... Read More »

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How to Make Antipasto?

Antipasto in Italian means before-the-meal. This is a wonderful creation that can be served as an appetizer or as a meal in itself. In addition, it makes a wonderful party dish. The ingredients are... Read More »

How to Arrange an Antipasto Tray?

Making your own antipasto platter is an ideal way to serve a variety of guests with different tastes -- as the platter will include a variety of meats, cheeses and other appetizers to suit everyone... Read More »

I want to become a vegetarian, any ideas for meals?

QUINOA!!! if bought organic, it is a protein super food. it is so good and actually incredibly cheap! (it's like $4 for a small looking bag, but you can get about a month's worth out of that bag). ... Read More »

I am thinking of becoming vegetarian, and need some help with ideas?

plenty of meals to make from the recipes here so many you could never make them allshould be at least a restaurant near you that is veg friendly http://www.happycow.n... Read More »