Vegetarain rights in public schools?

Answer In my country, Canada, you would likely be able to found a Charter of Rights and Freedoms case through your freedom of conscience/belief/religion. You may have to present your case before an educa... Read More »

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Kids' Rights in Houston Public Schools?

Kids' rights in Houston public schools are substantially limited due to student's minor status and the overwhelming state interest in safe and effective education. The constitution grants each Amer... Read More »

North Carolina Charter Schools Vs. Regular Public Schools?

In an effort to provide more educational choices to families and to encourage creative teaching methods, North Carolina passed bipartisan legislation in 1996 allowing the development of no more tha... Read More »

Public Schools vs. Charter, Private and Home Schools?

Selecting a schooling option for your child can seem challenging, as all options have their detractors and supporters. Depending on where you live and your budget, several schooling options may be ... Read More »

Are private elementary schools better than public schools?

On One Hand: Extra ProgramsPrivate schools charge tuition, which allows them to pay for additional teaching staff and accelerated classes. Also, class sizes can be smaller, since they can afford th... Read More »