Vegetable Plant Nutrient Deficiency Identification?

Answer Identification of nutrient deficiencies in vegetable plants can be a bit challenging. The symptoms of a deficiency in one nutrient can mimic the symptoms of deficiency in other nutrients. In some c... Read More »

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Which nutrient is fixed in plant roots?

Nitrogen is the nutrient that may be fixed in plant roots. What happens is the presence, but unavailability, of nitrogen in the environment. In the case of the ground below surface level, nitrogen ... Read More »

Grass Plant Identification?

Thanks to their contribution to agriculture and society as a whole, the grass family (Poaceae) remains one of the most important plant families. Grass plants resemble sedges and rushes, but maintai... Read More »

Describe Plant Identification?

Methods that professional botanists use in plant identification can be a bit daunting. Fortunately, identification can be simplified for the rest of us. Field guides are available that essentially ... Read More »

Invasive Plant Identification?

Managing invasive plants is important, because they compete with native species for water, sunlight, nutrients, space and hybridization. Livestock are vulnerable to toxic compounds when they eat in... Read More »