Vegans..what do you do when you want ice cream...anything healthier?

Answer Throw a frozen banana in a blender and blend until smooth.Add Stevia, if you like.2 bananas is around 220 calories.

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I want to be healthier?

I want to become bulimic, then i want to quit when i look thin enough.?

You are at risk for bulimia nervosa. It is not something that you could easily get out of once you start doing it, contrary to what you have been thinking. It is a very psychological condition, as ... Read More »

How do I get my printer to copy what I want in the way I want it,ie when copying it prints maybe two lines per?

Are you trying to say that it's double spaced? If you are, go to format in Microsoft Word and click on Paragraph and change it from double space to single space.

When you want to call someone, but you dont want them to see your number on their caller ID, how do you do it?

All that you have to do is dial the star * and 6 7 and the number that you are wanting to call. I found the information in my phone book.