Vegans/vegetarians, was this completely unreasonable of me?

Answer You haven't made the point of your question.There is no mention of why your mother was upset.She could feel insulted by you bringing own food to it.It will be like saying to your mother, "thanks f... Read More »

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Hutchison 3G UK Ltd are defrauding you and they are unreasonable when you try talking to them Who can you report this matter to please?

Nokia N900 has got a better battery time plus it has a 5 MP camera which no iPhone has.

How can I reset this computer completely?

You have to use a reset disk for that brand or "type" of computer, contact the manufacturer and tell them to send you a factory reset disk, don't worry its free so you wont have to pay a dime for i... Read More »

I get about 8 hours of sleep a night, but during the school day I'm completely exausted. Why is this?

Are you eating a balanced diet? If not, that could be why you're so tired. Think of your body as a car - it needs fuel (food) in order to run. Put the right fuel (food) in, and your body will go... Read More »

2 laptops are connected to the same WIFI and one is slowing the other down completely. How can this be fixed?

my answer "Applies to both of your laptops" as both "should" be connected to your ISP "wirelessly " since both SHOULD have the capability for that fact (( wired connections slow down "net connectio... Read More »