Vegans would it bother you to take a blood transfusion from a non vegan?

Answer OMFG These answers are very insightful on the irrationality of some vegans I officially can not take the things you say seriously.Ha some of you guys are completely mad!I would have no qualms were ... Read More »

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Is a transfusion really the same as eating blood?

For those who have problems eating and refuse a feeding tube then Intravenous feedings work. It bypasses the digestive system and goes right to the circulatory system. The body is still fed but b... Read More »

What is the truth about blood transfusion?

It maybe dangerous in areas with HIV pandemic. No it's not with modern techniques. If you buy blood from addicts than you are set for trouble. You can do once in 2-3 months as many times you eant

Can a blood transfusion icrease sed rate level until 134?

The sed rate is a very very nonspecific test, usually used to check for inflammation (though a CRP is MUCH more sensitive and accurate). It is likely elevated due to all of the infectious and stre... Read More »

If you're a racist and dying ,would it matter who's blood you got in a much needed transfusion?

Well if you'd rather be ignorant and not want to get blood you need then it does matter