Vegans would it bother you to take a blood transfusion from a non vegan?

Answer OMFG These answers are very insightful on the irrationality of some vegans I officially can not take the things you say seriously.Ha some of you guys are completely mad!I would have no qualms were ... Read More »

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If you're a racist and dying ,would it matter who's blood you got in a much needed transfusion?

Well if you'd rather be ignorant and not want to get blood you need then it does matter

If the raw vegan(or just vegan) diet is optimal why would one need to take supplements while doing it ( B 12 )?

Well, this is the deal. You only need a small amount of B12. but it can be entirely missing in a vegan diet. I think the benefits of throughly washing your vegetables outweighs that it removes b12... Read More »

Vegan parents, would you take advantage of charity programs that couldn't provide vegan options?

Tell me, are these hypothetical charities also telling Jewish parents that they can't guarantee that their kids won't be fed pork, or parents of coeliac children that they can't guarantee their chi... Read More »

A vegan seeking advice from raw vegans?

Keep it simple (5 ingredients max) and keep it large( you wanna get enough calories in). Romaine lettuce with tomatoes, cucumber, carrots or parsnips for extra crunch, then add some Bariani olive o... Read More »