Vegans that use vaccinations, antivenoms and medicines are just hypocrites?

Answer Do you own a dictionary? Borrow one if you don't. You'll find out two things.1. The words 'vegan' and 'martyr' are not interchangeable2. 'Hypocrisy' means claiming to have higher standards or belie... Read More »

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What types of medicines and vaccinations are available in poor countries for children?

That's a very general question with several answers, I would personally pick one infectious disease (such as tuberculosis (A.K.A. "TB"), a bacterial infection) and research that. There plenty of t... Read More »

Do you agree that all vegans are really just anorexics covering up their disorder?

I will be honest.I suffered from an eating disorder from the time I was 12 years old until I was about 17/18.I began attempting vegetarianism at the age of 10. However with mama making all my meal... Read More »

Do vegans use medicines which were obviously once tested on animals?

VOCs or vegans of conveneince will use medicine when they need it. No a real vegan should not a use a medicine that was tested on an animal. If a vegan uses a medication, vaccination or what not th... Read More »

Are homeopathic medicines just water?

The answer to your question is basically yes "they are just water," nothing else remains after homeopathic dilution.However, the water in homeopathic remedies is "different" from the water you get ... Read More »