Vegans if necessity dictated which would you break down and eat first?

Answer Honey. a) It's the only one of the three that is GOOD for you. b) Cows and chickens are not insects. c) The environmental impact of consuming raw local honey is nil.

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When pouring grease down the kitchen sink, which would be better to flush it down with, warm or cold water?

Don't wash it down the sink at all...just wait until it cools and congeals, then scrape it into the trash with a paper towel. If you simply must pour it down the sick, start the hot water and let i... Read More »

So which fashion "guru" has dictated that a bourbon-stained Hawaiian shirt doesn't go well with an Armani suit?

That's for our protection, Nick. The ramifications of a sexy beast like you in Armani are too terrible to contemplate.

I want to break a bone, for the experience but i don't know which to break or how to break it, any ideas?

What is the name of the long asian pastry which you break down the middle to make two long piece?

It is known as a Liu Bao or Chinese crueller, it is used for dipping in the rice porridge/soup known as Congee or Juk, I have it once and awhile here in Toronto Canada, I have bought the cruellers ... Read More »