Vegans, do you think killing animals should be illegal?

Answer Yes! Absolutely right. At least then the "thou shall not kill" would have a true and full significance. We don't need anything that comes from the death of an animal to survive, in fact, synthetic ... Read More »

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Do you think killing animals is wrong ?

I think it is wrong to kill animals, because we can be healthy without eating meat. I am glad to see a Christian who thinks the way you do because a lot of them think "God gave us animals to eat".... Read More »

Do you think killing animals is wrong most if not all the time?

If an animal is killed;- for a legitimate purpose- as humanely as possible- and doing so does not threaten the species or population- and is done so legallyThen no, I do not think it is "wrong".Acc... Read More »

Do vegetarians/vegans think it's ok for animals to eat meat?

Christy,I have a degree in archaeology/anthropology, and can say with some certainty that we *did* evolve to eat animal protein, alongside vegetation. Furthermore, we would never have become so int... Read More »

I think killing animals for their fur is wrong, but would it be ok to wear the animal while its still alive?

It would depend on what else you are wearing. A hamster pocket kerchief might clash.