Vegans, do you think HUNTING is wrong?

Answer Killing is killing, no matter how the animal has lived. The idea of farming -raising animals born to be killed...- is much more twisted, but the end is the same. The idea of milking an animal is ev... Read More »

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What's wrong with vegans and vegetarians?

Its all about compassion and respect for other beings. Eating meat is not natural or healthy, millions of vegans/vegetarians have proved that. Isn't it hard ripping through the greasy crust of a ch... Read More »

Hello, vegans! Would you consider this to be wrong and cruel to animals?

My only concerns with the scenario which you described would be how Daisy was impregnated, and how many times, and the fate of Daisy's calves. If Daisy was impregnated via artificial insemination t... Read More »

Why do people think vegans are weird?

Specific, well-reasoned facts will always help your stance more than making broad and unsupported claims. As I understand it, modern vegans often use T. Colin Campbell's work as a support for their... Read More »

VEGANS: What do you think of FREEGANS?

Fantastic. True freegans are true vegans. Those who define themselves as freegans and are not, are really bin divers who happen to like the "freegan" label. True freeganism is a very interesting id... Read More »