Vegans, could you/have you dated a meat eater?

Answer well Im a vegetarian but my husband eats meat. I even cook it for him because he works late and comes home starving. It may seem a little strange to some people and I can see how some other vegetar... Read More »

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Vegetarians/Vegans: Would you ever date a meat-eater?

I'm married to one!He tried to go veg but just didn't have enough motivation I guess....maybe one day =(We eat vegetarian meals at home. If he wants to cook meat to add to his meal he can, but he ... Read More »

VEGANS what's the dumbest argument you've heard from a meat eater?

The dumbest thing I ever heard was: "My daughter used to be a vegetarian. She went on a camping trip and got hepatitis from contaminated water. She learned her lesson and now she eats meat." What d... Read More »

Veggies & Vegans: Could you forgive someone who tricked you in to eating meat?

if they were in my family i would forgive them after a few days, but it would take a long time and a lot of cold shoulders before i did. i might not forgive a peron i wasnt close with.

Vegans/Vegetarians - could you work for a large meat producing company?

As a vegetarian teenager I did work in restaurants that served mainly meat. And if anything I'm proud I did - I saved my parents having to give me money and buy me things they they could ill afford... Read More »