Vegans and vegetarians.....would you eat meat or dairy if...?

Answer probably. right like you said. i'd definitely use that money for good things for animals.probably donate a lot to local animal shelters, some to the wwf. some for my own puppies.i want to own a far... Read More »

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How can we as vegetarians/vegans get meat eaters to stop eating meat?

"Will get cancer and die"Well, Christy, In my family, we have never had a vegetarian. They died at a normal age, no sign of cancer. My parents are still actually healthy really. So how many people ... Read More »

Do vegans eat dairy?

You are correct.Did you know you are the second 'Michael H' on this forum? Seems to be a common name.I looked at the question (cheese fondue?). It looks like the asker of that question is confused ... Read More »

Vegans: how to maintain the willpower not to eat dairy/eggs?

You know what is a surefire way to keep that willpower and maintain your veganess? :PYou should watch either Earthlings (you an view it on their site), or this magical and amazing speech on youtube... Read More »

If i dont eat meat or take dairy do i need vitamin b12?

Probably. There is some b12 in eggs...if you eat a lot those every day. But your best bet is to start taking a b12 pill. They're not expensive; unlike some vitamins/minerals, you can't overdose on ... Read More »