Vegans a question for you:?

Answer I'm just curious as to why you're asking this question. Do you just want to get vegans to admit that they would eat meat if they were dying?Hardcore vegans who have abstained from meat and animal ... Read More »

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Question for vegans/veggies?

You are making the assumption that there is only one reason to eat vegetarian. Not true! Some people (like me for instance) have noticed, over time, what works best for their own body and what does... Read More »

A Question for vegans/vegeterians?

You never actually said where you're from because in London I've never had any problems especially in recent years. You wanted to be a veggie in the early eighties that's when i became a veggie. Ma... Read More »

A Question for Dieticians and/or Vegans?

Weight loss is caused by expending more energy than is consumed. So your caloric intake is less than it should be. Add more food to your plate, keep snacks (nuts, seeds, grains, fruits etc) with ... Read More »

Question for vegans about eggs?

The vegan diet is primarily based on principle and guidelines, not hard and fast rules. If you feel ok eating something, then go ahead and eat it. It's your diet and lifestyle, mold it the way you ... Read More »